EPS I3200-A1 1.9m Transfer Paper Printing Machine

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Fedar
Certification CE
Model Number TC1946
Packaging Details Wooden Crate
Supply Ability 200 sets per months
Product Details
Usage Transfer Paper Head EPS I3200-A1
Head Quantity 6 RIP Software Neostampa, Photoprint
Print Width 1900mm Color CMYK
Ink Type Sublimation Ink, Water Based Pigment Ink Warranty 1 Year
Motor Leadshine
High Light

1.9m Transfer Paper Printing Machin


EPS I3200-A1 Transfer Paper Printing Machine


I3200-A1 1.9m Transfer Paper Printer

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Product Description

1.9m Fedar Transfer Paper Printing Machine With EPS I3200-A1 Printhead​

Our sublimation printer is used to make textile products, such as blanket, polyester dress, plush toys and so on. It prints

on sublimation papers first, then heat transfer the pattern to the fabric you want. Automatic printing and dye sublimation ink

make the pattern colors bright, strong and fantastic.


TC1946 Sublimation Printer
EPS on I3200-A1
Nozzle Quantity
Printhead Quantity
Print Width
Ink Color
Print Height
Media Transfer
Auto Media Feeding and
Taking-up System, Roll to Roll
*Tested on linear printing without feather function
2pass / 200㎡/h
Drying Method
Extra Dryer Device
4pass / 120㎡/h
Ink Supply Method
Siphon Positive Pressure Ink Supply
6pass / 60㎡/h
Head Moisture
Auto Head Cleaning and Moisturize
*speed is tested on full-size media
without feather function
Print Media
Transfer Paper
Ink Type
Sublimation Ink,
Water based Pigment Ink
Gigabit LAN
Computer System
Win7, Win8, Win10
File Forms
Operate Environment
Temp.:15℃-30℃, Humidity: 35℃-65℃
RIP Software
Package Size
Power Supply
210-230V, 50/60HZ, 16A
Print Power: 1500W
Dryer Power: Max.9000W
Computer Configuration
Hard Disk: NTFS, C Disk Space: More than 100G, HARD Disk:WG500G GPU: ATI Discrete GPU,
CPU: Inte I5/I7, Gigabit LAN
Standard Configuration
Ink Level Alarm System



1.  Adopt Japan THK silent linear guide makes the carriage movement is more stable and the life is longer.

2.  EPS I3200-A1 printhead adopts TFP technology,with the smallest droplet 2.5PL,variable dots technology,can

ensure perfect and high resolution printing performance.

3. Platform adopts 8mm aluminimum alloy,which can reduce the shape variables during transportation.

4. Specially designed pinch roller to ensure more accurate media movement.

5. Leashine server motor driver,high resolution and stable.


EPS I3200-A1 1.9m Transfer Paper Printing Machine 0


   EPS I3200-A1 1.9m Transfer Paper Printing Machine 1


    Maintenance Station:                                                     Ink Tank:

    Equipped with advanced intelligent printhead                  Ink tank connect wires design is more tidy and

    cleaning and moisturizing device, its cleaning                 convenient to check ink supply.

    can be done directly on the printer.


   EPS I3200-A1 1.9m Transfer Paper Printing Machine 2


    Feed & Take up Unit:                                                      Drying System:

    Industrial auto taking-up and feeding media                     Adjustable temperature design can make the

    motor.                                                                                media drying faster. 


   EPS I3200-A1 1.9m Transfer Paper Printing Machine 3


    Carriage:                                                                         Guide Rail:

    Anti-collision devices of carriage are added at                Imported THK liner guide rail makes carriage 

    atboth ends to provide more comprehensive                  movement more accurate.

   safetyprotection for printheads.




With help of heat transfer machine,printed images can be transferred to many different non-elastic material,

such as polyester and flag banner. No limit on the patterns makes it a good choice in decoration, garment and

advertising field.


EPS I3200-A1 1.9m Transfer Paper Printing Machine 4 




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EPS I3200-A1 1.9m Transfer Paper Printing Machine 5