Causes of Failure of Digital Printing Machine Printheads

August 24, 2021
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    Everyone should know that ink is a kind of liquid that is easy to evaporate, and it is easy to volatilize solid matter in the air. Therefore, the ink must be volatilized into the air to make the picture dry. Therefore, our common printheads clogging refers to the clogging of the nozzle holes outside the nozzle after the ink accumulates to a certain extent.There are several reasons:
Reason 1:
    In the process of our daily use, when the nozzle is spraying on the medium, there will always be a part of the ink around it. After this part of the ink dries in the air, the nozzle will gradually become smaller and cause the problem of clogging of the nozzle.
Reason 2:
    The aging of the electronic components of the drive circuit and the accumulation of too much dry ink dirt may affect the voltage of the drive printheads, resulting in no ink or unstable ink output from the printheads.
Reason 3:
    Failure to protect the printhead when replacing ink will also affect the ink jet status of the printhead.
Reason 4:
    Using a long-time printhead, especially in a factory where the printing tasks are not full and often shut down at night, will cause the ink to stay in the printhead for too long, and it will easily adsorb to the internal filter or the wall of the ink channel, which will block the flow of ink. The smaller the area will also cause the ink not to come out of the nozzle.