An article from the experience of the printing master on the Fedar FD5198E digital printing machine

September 6, 2021
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    Hello, everyone. I’m M, a printing master from printing factory. I often deal with printing machines due to work reasons. I can also be regarded as an experienced printing machine user. Below is my experience with Fedar FD5198E printing machine, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
    1.Fedar FD5198E with 8 Epson I3200-A1 printheads
Give you a brief understanding of the performance of the print head: Epson I3200-A1 printhead, a single print head with 3200 nozzle holes, in the same working area, high printing accuracy and fast printing speed. Epson adopts ALL MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) manufacturing process, thin-film piezoelectric elements, precise nozzle arrangement, compact print head structure, fast speed, good quality and durability.
Epson’s unique VSDT (Variable Droplet Technology), the smallest droplet is 2.5PL, and the ejected droplet size can be freely controlled, and the ink droplets can be accurately positioned, thereby reducing the graininess of the screen, presenting more screen details, and smooth color transitions. The saturation is high, the image color level is richer and fuller, and the printing effect is more exquisite.
    2.Printing speed can reach 370㎡/h
The speed of Fedar FD5198E 8-head printer can reach 370 sqm/h. You can simply calculate it. It can print 195 meters in one hour when printing a 1.9-meter-wide fabric. Only 5 printers are needed, and the daily output is more than 23,000 meters. If you use a 160㎡/h three-head printer to print the same 23,000 meters a day, you will need about 11 printers. Competition in the market is changing rapidly now. With the same output and quality, whoever has the fastest speed will seize the opportunity.
    3.Automatic Feed & Take-up System
The printers used before all need regular maintenance, and few can print continuously for dozens of hours without interruption. Moreover, there are some 2-head, 3-head and 4-head machines with a print width of no more than 2 meters on the market. The printing consumables that these machines can configure at a time are also limited to a few hundred meters. And Fedar’s FD5198E 8-head digital printer is equipped with an advanced inflatable shaft automatic retracting system, which can retract 1,000 meters of paper at a time, eliminating the need for frequent paper loading operations, saving manpower and time, and improving the equipment. Continuous high-speed printing provides guarantee. The unique swing lever in the rewinding and unwinding system ensures that the paper is evenly stressed during the entire printing process, and the rewinding is smooth and firm.
    4.High-end quality accessories
Fedar FD5198E digital printing machine is equipped with many high-end quality accessories, which further improves the stability of the equipment. Such as Japan's THK silent linear guide rail, Leadshine brushless integrated motor, and the United States imported fluorine rubber press roller, etc., which well ensure the printing accuracy of the equipment and the stability of the long-term work.
    5.More user-friendly functions
Fedar digital printing machine design is more humane, and the overall function is improved from the details to realize the intelligence, automation and industrialization of the equipment. Such as:
    1. The anti-collision frame can not only adjust the height of the printheads freely according to different printing consumables, but also add anti-collision devices at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for the printheads;
    2. A high-precision paper guide roller with grooves, with a diameter of 100 mm, which can solve the wrinkle problem of thin paper printing;
    3, Large ink tanks secondary ink supply system, Fedar FD5198E not only has a 4.5L large capacity ink tank, but also is equipped with 8 500ml secondary float buffer ink tank; when the main ink tank level detects ink shortage, it will automatically alarm;
In addition, there are intelligent drying system, intelligent lack of ink/waste ink alarm system, a new integrated intelligent capping station cleaning and moisturizing device, etc. These humanized designs make the operation of the equipment easier and more convenient.