All In One Stormjet Large Format Eco Solvent Printer

Place of Origin China
Brand Name Stormjet
Certification CE
Model Number F1808
Minimum Order Quantity 5 Set
Packaging Details Standard Wooden Ctate
Delivery Time 7-10 Work Days
Supply Ability 200 sets per month
Product Details
Usage Car Sticker, Blue Paper, Poster, Vinyl Etc Warranty 12 Months
RIP Printfactory, Onyx,Photoprint,Maintop Computer System Win7,Win8,Win10
Print Width 1.8m
High Light

1.8m Stormjet Eco Solvent Printer


8 Heads Advertising Eco Solvent Printer


Advertising Posters Eco Solvent Printer

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Product Description

High Speeed Stormjet All In One Large Format Eco Solvent Printer For Printing

Our eco solvent printer is used to make advertising products. Printing media can be car sticker, PVC, PP

synthetic paper, flex banner and so on and it can uesd for eco solvent printing and water-based ink printing

on indoor and outdoor wide format advertising


Why Should I Switch To Eco Solvent Printing?

Health Hazard: Solvent inks are usually petroleum-based and contain volatile organic compounds that are

dangerous to one’s health. Constant exposure to these chemicals can lead to various illnesses. Eco-solvent

printing has become popular in hospitals and schools for this reason.

Green Environment: 

We must sustain the earth that feeds us. Solvent printing is not biodegradable, and hence, not eco-friendly . When

it comes in contact with water and animals, it could be detrimental to them and eventually lead back to humans.

The strong smell of solvent inks also contributes to the pollution affecting the ozone layer.

On the other hand, eco-solvent inks are water-based, making them bio-degradable. They would not contaminate

the soil or water. Made from mineral oil, they do not have the strong scent associated with solvent inks.

High-Quality Prints

If you don’t do it for the environment or your health, then do it for the quality. Eco solvents have more pigments

than solvent inks. They react quickly on surfaces on which they are applied.When used on glossy or matter

materials, the material maintains its finishing. Therefore, apart from indoor use, you can use these inks for outdoor

banners and signs. You can also get them in a wide range of colors.


High Speeed Stormjet Large Format Eco Solvent Printer Parameter

F1808 Eco Solvent Printer
Printer Model
Nozzle Quantity
800*4lines*8 pcs of Epson printheads
Height to Platform
1 Pass
268 sqm/h
2 Pass
185 sqm/h
Eco Solvent Ink, Sublimation Ink,
Water based Pigment Ink
Max Printing Width
Printing Media
Photopaper, Vinyl, Back-lit, Banner,
Canvas, Mesh, etc
Gigabit LAN
Computer System
Win7, Win8, Win10(Professional)
File Forms
Operate Environment
Temp.:15℃-30℃, Humidity: 35℃-65℃
RIP Software
Printer Size
3400*1290*1690 mm
Power Supply
210-230V, 50/60HZ, 16APrint Power: 1000W
Dryer Power: Max.3500W
Computer Configuration
Hard Disk: NTFS, C Disk Space: More than 100G, HARD Disk:WG300G GPU: ATI Discrete GPU, Memory: 8G, CPU: Inte I7, G-Ethernet
Standard Configuration
Ink Level Alarm System, Anti-Collision System


Stormjet Inkjet Printer All In One Plotter For Advertising Feature

* High-end Softwar:Using international high-end software, the drawing is more realistic.
* Intelligent Ink Starving Alarm:Reduces the tediousness of frequently checking the remaining amount of ink, and

at the same time reminds to add ink in time to ensure the continuity of printing work.
* Intelligent Foggy Printing & VSDT Printing:Unique two-dimension intelligent foggy and wave-foggy function, and

VSDT variable droplet techonology, improve printing quality obviously.
* Using Advanced Capping Station:Equipped with advanced intelligent printhead cleaning and moisturizing device,

providing safe and convenient printhead cleaning and maintenance functions, more convenient operation and




All In One Stormjet Large Format Eco Solvent Printer 0


The position of the print head can be adjusted according to different printing medias, and anti-collision

devices at both ends.


High quality smaller length error and more stable performance.

3.Guide Rail:

Imported Japan THK mute linear guide rail, the movement is more smooth and the life is longer.

4.Pinch Roller:

Adopt multi-row pinch roller made of American rubber eliminating statics ,high printing quality and accurate

media feeding.

5.Drying System:

Convenient and fast,the printing media is quickly stored,equipped with auto paper measurement and anti-rubbing


6.Ink Tank:

Four units of 4L super large capacity ink reservoirs provide ink independently and continuously.



F1808 8 Heads Advertising Printer Application

All In One Stormjet Large Format Eco Solvent Printer 1



All In One Stormjet Large Format Eco Solvent Printer 2